Welcome. I specialize in residential and commercial real estate photography, video and aerial imagery. If you are a real estate professional or homeowner who wants to showcase your property in the best light, please call me at 601-747-0125 or email [email protected]

"David's photos make such a difference. I listed a property with provisional images I shot. Days went by with no response. Within an hour of posting David's photos I had three requests for showings." - Harley Caldwell, Broker-Owner, Coldwell Banker All Stars



I have been passionate about photography for 40 years. There is something about seeing and capturing a beautiful or striking image that captivates me. My images include a wide range of genres and styles, but tend to be realistic in approach with processing used generally only to enhance the essential nature of what I saw when making the image. The camera can't always 'see' what our eyes and brain, working together can perceive. Digital processing, particularly HDR compositing, makes it possible for the camera to capture the essence of what we 'see.'

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy what you see.

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